Dear Parents/Guardians,

Asalamu Alikum

Eternal Public School established in year 2006, is run by an efficient management. The basic aim of our school is to impart the best education for the development of the whole person through a disciplined manner. Emphasis is laid on the Islamic moral education of the students so as to enable them to play their part as helpful persons of the society. The school caters to the Erudite, Paramount and Scholar formation of the students, irrespective of caste and creed. Formation of a student is the work of parents, teachers and the school management.

Blending the influences of these three bring an effective result in the formation of the students. The most important thing that you can give to the children is “a sense of self-esteem.” It is more important to instil in them this sense than any material thing that you might be concerned about.

Needless to say, the school desires to have your co-operation in order to develop an atmosphere conducive to education for the best result and the progress of the child. It is essential that the parents, teachers and school management should work together. This School’s Handbook is one of the links between home and school, providing an effective medium for parent-teacher contact. You are requested to check your ward’s regularly and respond to the remark promptly, if any.

Kindly Read and note all the information given below:

  1. Please fill up all the particulars correctly in the identity certificate and also record your specimen signatures in the space provided in the Handbook.
  2. Occasional remarks sent to you by the Principal, Vice Principal or the Teachers, through the handbook should be studied carefully and responded to promptly.
  3. Check your child’s Handbook daily and find out what assignments have been given by the teachers.
  4. Extend your full cooperation in implementing school’s rules & regulations and in imparting the best education to your ward.
  5. Accompany your ward and give him your time by being with him, express your appreciation & acknowledgment when he does something good and communicate your timely correction whenever & wherever it may be needed. Never shelter the fault of your ward, but use it to build him up positively.
  6. Send your valuable remarks, suggestions or any other information through the school Handbook.
  7. Lack of attention to your child from any concerned teacher or authority should be made known to the Principal/Vice-Principal in time.
  8. Unit/Term tests will be conducted by each subject teacher after completing each lesson/chapter. The subject teacher will maintain the record of each test. Parents/Guardians are requested to check the answer sheets of their ward.
  9. English being the medium of instruction and communication, students are required to speak in English. Any student found violating the rule of language will be either punished or asked to write an imposition or both. Parents should converse with them in English and help them to read English literature at home.
  10. If due to any unforeseen circumstances a holiday is declared during the examination days, that particular Exam will be conducted on the day after the last exam.
  11. School’s Handbook is published under the authority of the School Management each year. Any changes in the school rules are notified in it. Kindly read the information given in it carefully and extend your unconditional co-operation.

Eternal Public School



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